Resources for Veterans' Housing Issues

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Housing America's Heroes

The housing needs of veterans will be a growing challenge for the country as more servicemembers return home from overseas. As they return, they will face housing challenges much like many in America are facing including foreclosure, burdensome housing costs, underwater mortgages, and homelessness. Communities, families, and individuals all face difficulties in adjusting to veterans coming home.

Returning veterans are, of course, not the only population of veterans that the housing community can help serve. Many veterans of earlier conflicts are homeless, at-risk, or disabled, in need of supportive housing programs and assistance. Yet others need financial assistance, job training or employment counseling, and more services that NHC's members and partners—and the housing community at large—are in a good position to provide.

NHC and the Center aim to empower the housing community in its efforts to address veterans housing needs, by providing facts, creating space for discussion, identifying solutions, and developing new policy responses.  Veterans are an important community among the many that need better housing policy.  Our country’s obligation to assist those who have served is clear.

Resources for Veterans' Housing Issues

Housing and Services Needs of Our Changing Veteran Population
Serving Older Veterans, Female Veterans and Post-9/11 Veterans 

Veterans Permanent Supportive Housing: Policy and Practice
A guide to policies that provide housing for veterans,
with case studies 

Housing America's Heroes: Facts about Veterans and Housing 
A fact sheet with data and citations

Paycheck to Paycheck, Summer 2012 update
Housing affordability data for jobs
targeted for veterans 

Resources from Veterans Housing Webinar Series
Collected resources from CHP's June 2012 webinars
on veterans' housing 

2012 Policy Symposium: On-demand coverage from



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Veterans Permanent Supportive Housing: Policy and Practice | Cover Image

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Profiles in Service



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