The Center for Housing Policy is a thought leader on housing policy issues and the primary source for comprehensive applied housing research for a broad audience from both the housing and non-housing communities.




The Center for Housing Policy, NHC’s research division, increases awareness of housing needs and identifies effective and promising policy solutions to housing challenges. The Center bridges the gap between research and practice through accessible and relevant research and outreach to practitioners and policymakers. 

Strategic Goals

Expand Awareness of the Nation’s Existing and Emerging Housing Needs
By working closely with the nation’s leading housing researchers, as well as by conducting rigorous, independent analyses, the Center seeks to raise awareness of the current housing challenges facing American households with a particular emphasis on the housing needs of working families with low- to moderate incomes. In addition, the Center strives to identify and analyze future housing needs to lead conversation in the housing community and to support the work of housing practitioners.

Identify Proven and Innovative Solutions to the Nation’s Housing Challenges
The Center goes beyond documenting housing problems to identifying evidence-based solutions and bringing those solutions to the attention of the housing community. The Center collects and analyzes information on programs and policies from around the country that have been shown to expand housing opportunities for working families. Furthermore, the Center identifies nascent policy interventions and assesses the potential effectiveness of innovative strategies. 

Promote Understanding of the Role Housing Plays in Individual, Family and Community Well-Being
The work of the Center focuses on the connections between stable, affordable housing and other important social goals, including improved health, better educational outcomes, increased economic opportunities, and more resilient communities. The perspective of the Center’s research is housing as a platform to other beneficial outcomes. Through this work, the Center seeks to expand the base of support for affordable housing and to develop holistic housing policies that more effectively achieve key social objectives.

Connect Housing Research to Practitioners, Policymakers and the Public
The Center strives to translate and present research in an accessible, user-friendly way so that members of the housing community can use the research findings in their work expanding access to affordable housing. By disseminating its work in graphical, interactive, and generally comprehensible formats, the Center can connect with a broad spectrum of individuals and organizations engaged in work around affordable housing.