2012 Annual Budget Forum

February 24


NHC Annual Budget Forum

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The National Housing Conference held its Annual Budget Forum Feb. 24, 2012 at the Capitol Visitor Center. The aim of the forum was to provide attendees with a better understanding of the very real challenges facing housing in  FY2013.

At the Budget Forum, the Center for Housing Policy also released Housing Landscape 2012, the organization's annual look at housing affordability for working households. 

Please find forum resources below.


Jonathan Harwitz, Deputy Chief of Staff for Budget and Policy, HUD

Dennis Shea, Principal, Shea Public Strategies LLC, (Former Asst. Sec. for PD&R at HUD under George W. Bush)

 Douglas Rice, Senior Policy Analyst, Center on Budget and Policy Priorities (PowerPoint presentation)

 Michael Bodaken, President, National Housing Trust (PowerPoint presentation / Sign-on letter)

 Jeff Lubell, Executive Director, Center for Housing Policy (PowerPoint presentation / Housing Landscape 2012 report)

 Ethan Handelman, Vice President for Policy and Advocacy, NHC (Housing in the FY2013 Budget handout)

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