National Inclusionary Housing Conference

November 03

2010 National Inclusionary Housing Conference


Over 200 local, state and federal housing policy makers and housing experts convened in Washington, DC this week for the 2010 National Inclusionary Housing Conference. This was the third national conference on this topic that has been co-sponsored by the Innovative Housing Institute (IHI), the National Housing Conference (NHC), PolicyLink, and Business and Professional People for the Public Interest (BPI).

Inclusionary Housing is an effective policy that at its core is very simple: It is a use of the "police powers" that are reserved to the states under the tenth amendment. This reserves the right to the states to make laws and regulations governing the safety, health, and welfare of the community, and to delegate such powers to counties, cities, towns, and villages within the state. Inclusionary Housing legislation requires or creates incentives so that affordable housing is provided as part of the development of the community, often as an integral part of the local zoning laws or land use plan.

Attendees from across the country shared best practices, the latest reseach and new policy initiatives relative to the cratin of mixed income communities. The conference also sought to build bridges between key constituencies who often disagree over policy options to address the affordable housing crisis. There are a number of activities taking place at the federal level that reflect the recognition that a sound housing policy is critical to a healthy economy and a fair and equitable nation.   A key goal of the conference was to inform and support federal efforts to influence local and state policy and practices that will promote inclusion and access to opportunity.

The conference kicked-off with senior Adminstration officials including a keynote from Deputy Secretary Ron Sims, U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. A panel featuring David Rusk, President of Metropolitan Area Research Council, Derek Douglas, Special Assistant to the President for Urban Affairs; and Mercedes Marques, Assistant Secretary for Community Planning and Development followed the keynote. Workshop speakers included federal officials, researchers, state and local policy makers and advocates representing a variety of programs and experiences. Maureen Friar, President and CEO of the National Housing Conference provided keynote remarks. The Center for Housing Policy was also represented on panels by Jeffrey Lubell, Executive Director, and Rebecca Cohen, Senior Research Associate. The conference closed with a keynote from PolicyLink Foudner and CEO Angela Glover Blackwell.

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