Partners in Innovation: Preserving Affordable Rental Housing Near Transit

September 28

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 Policy Forum • Denver, CO

Partners in Innovation: Preserving Affordable Rental Housing Near Transit explored ways to better support the preservation of affordable housing—especially rental—near transit through innovative partnerships, policy development, and legislative reform.

The policy forum brought together over 200 federal, state, and local officials, industry leaders, and advocates in Denver, CO on Tuesday, September 28, 2010. This policy forum was the final in series of three preservation policy forums hosted by NHC and the MacArthur Foundation throughout 2010. To learn more about the related events in Boston, MA and Portland, OR please click here.

On this page, you will find links to the key resources shared at the Denver policy forum.

Forum Agenda

9:00 AM

9:25 AM

Welcome and Opening Remarks
Kick-off the second day of Partners in Innovation with remarks from the policy forum hosts the National Housing Conference and the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation.

  • Maureen Friar, National Housing Conference; Mijo Vodopic, John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation; Phil Washington, Regional Transportation District

9:25 AM

10:45 AM

Plenary Session I
Join us for this two-part plenary session that will help set the stage for the policy forum. First, understand the context for housing preservation and transit with a presentation featuring data from the Center for Neighborhood Technology. Part two of the session will outline the importance of preserving affordable rental housing near transit within the context of current housing and economic crisis.

  • Scott Bernstein, Center for Neighborhood Technology; James Corless, Transportation for America

View clips from Bernstein and Corless's presentations

Read about Corless's remarks on NHC's Open House Blog

11:00 AM

12:20 PM

Concurrent Breakout Sessions I (Click on the links to read more about the sessions and view the resources from each panel)

12:30 PM

1:45 PM

Plenary Session II and Luncheon
Join us for a keynote presentation over lunch discussing the findings of a new report by Enterprise Community Partners, the National Housing Trust, and Reconnecting America on the preservation of affordable rental housing near transit.

  • Michael Bodaken, National Housing Trust; Melinda Pollack, Enterprise Community Partners, Inc.

View clips from Bodaken and Pollack's presentations

View Pollack's PPT slides

View the full report and read a summary of the report on NHC's Open House Blog

2:00 PM

3:20 PM

Concurrent Breakout Sessions II (Click on the links to read more about the sessions and view the resources from each panel)

3:30 PM

4:30 PM

Plenary Session II
The final plenary session will focus on outlining action steps each attendee can take in their home community based on the lessons learned at Partners in Innovation.

  • James Corless, Transportation for America

Learn more about Transportation for America

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Concurrent Breakout Session I

Managing Transit Impacts in Low-Income Neighborhoods
This session will examine the implications of transit coming into vulnerable neighborhoods. Panelists from Atlanta, Denver, Minneapolis/St. Paul, and San Francisco will highlight how advocates are partnering with housing providers to maintain the integrity of existing communities while increasing the access to transit.

  • Heather Hood, San Francisco Foundation (moderator); Russ Adams, Alliance for Metropolitan Stability; Blake Pendergrass, FRESC: Good Jobs, Strong Communities; Kate Little, Beltline Affordable Housing Advisory Board

View Adam's PPT slides

View Hood's PPT slides

View Pendergrass's PPT slides

View Little's PPT slides

Resources and Challenges for Green Preservation
This session will explore how the preservation of existing transit-proximate housing stock promotes smart growth strategies and makes the best use of resources. Panelists will discuss the preservation of affordable housing as being inherently green. The session will also focus on best practices in energy retrofits, green sustainable building practices and materials and proven measures to improve indoor air quality for residents.

  • Joseph Maheady, Enterprise Community Partners, Inc. (moderator); Jennifer Erixon, Mercy Housing Mountain Plains; Heather Lafferty, Habitat for Humanity of Metro Denver; Mike Pacheco, Colorado Housing Finance Agency

View Erixon's PPT slides

View Lafferty's PPT slides

View Pacheco's PPT slides

Visit the Toolkit, Improve Residential Energy Efficiency

The Developers Perspective: Green Affordable Housing
Hear from public, private and non-profit developers at this session examining means to incorporate concepts often used at the MPO and transit agency level including vehicle miles traveled (VMT) green house gas emissions and air quality into affordable housing preservation. Panelists will describe data available today and refinements needed for a future where MPOs, transit agencies and other regional entities are fully engaged in preservation work.

  • Catherine Cox Blair, Reconnecting America and The Center for Transit-Oriented Development (moderator); Stephen Antupit, CityLab7; Chris Parr, Denver Housing Authority; Chuck Perry, Perry Rose LLC

View Antupit's PPT slides

View Parr's PPT slides

View Perry's PPT slides

Philanthropy's Role in Affordable Transit-Oriented Preservation
Foundation leaders with national, regional and local areas of focus will share the challenges and rewards to investing in preservation-oriented acquisition funds, advocacy work and other initiatives. Panelists will describe the current work of their foundation, potential future work and why these issues are of relevance in the local and regional foundation community.

  • Allison Clark, John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation (moderator); Don Chen, Ford Foundation; Anne Garcia, Rose Community Foundation; Lee Sheehy, McKnight Foundation

View Chen's PPT slides

View Sheehy's PPT slides

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Concurrent Breakout Session II

Innovations and Risks in Preserving Affordable Housing Near Transit
Building off of the luncheon presentation, panelists from Atlanta, Denver, Seattle and Washington, D.C. will share their financing models, property case studies and recommendations for communities considering similar efforts.

  • Aaron Miripol, Urban Land Conservancy (moderator); Bruce Gunter, Progressive Redevelopment; Rob Richardson, National Housing Trust; Mike Rooney, Mt. Baker Housing

View the speaker's PPT slides

Regional Perspectives on the Federal Approach to Preserving Affordable Housing Near Transit
Panelists will examine how the Interagency Partnership for Sustainable Communities will support preservation through all three agencies, using the Rocky Mountain states as a case study. Panelists will highlight federal level data needs as well as examine federal barriers--particularly transportation and environmental policies--that can impede preservation efforts.

  • Edwin Stromberg, U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (moderator); Cynthia Cody, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency--Region 8; Rick Garcia, U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development--Region 8; Terry Rosapep, U.S. DOT Federal Transit Administration--Region 8

View Cody and Rosapep's PPT slides

View Stromberg's PPT slides

Public Agencies, Partnerships and Preserving Affordability
Representatives from some of the leading public agencies in the nation will share how the policies and practices of their respective agencies work to include affordable housing preservation and support cross-silo partnerships. The discussion will also address how these agencies will continue to evolve in the future given the current economic landscape.

  • Allison Brooks, Reconnecting America (moderator); Jillian Detweiler, TriMet; Dan Bartholomay, Minnesota Housing Finance Authority; Ken Kirkey, Association of Bay Area Governments; Tom Weyandt, Atlanta Regional Commission

View Bartholomay's PPT slides

View Detweiler 's PPT slides

View Kirkey 's PPT slides

View Weyandt 's PPT slides

Reality Check: Financing the Preservation of Affordable TOD
Join this session to explore perspectives on the various layers of financing needed to piece together affordable TOD preservation resources. Panelists will speak to their respective roles, challenges and models in their communities.

  • Lisa Davis, Ford Foundation (moderator); Brian Dale, Citi Community Capital; Rick Hooper, City of Seattle, WA Office of Housing  (presented by Adrienne Quinn, Enterprise Community Partners on behalf of Rick Hooper); Noni Ramos, Enterprise Community Loan Fund; Tasha Weaver, Colorado Housing Finance Agency

View Dale's PPT slides

View Hooper's PPT slides

View Ramos's PPT slides

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NHC thanks the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation for their generous support of the Partners in Innovation forum series. Learn more about the recent events in Boston, MA and Portland, OR.

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NHC also thanks the Housing and Homelessness Funders Collaborative for providing registration scholarship support for Denver Metro Area local elected officials.