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Center Executive Director Jeffrey Lubell moves on

A statement from Jeffrey Lubell on his departure from the Center for Housing Policy

After seven years of service as the Executive Director of the Center for Housing Policy, I will be stepping down from my position later this year and making a transition to Abt Associates, where I will become the Director of Housing Initiatives.  While at Abt, I will continue to work on informing housing policy through research, while also exploring opportunities for cross-fertilization between Abt's research and technical assistance practices.  Among other benefits of my new position will be the opportunity to work from my home in Vermont full-time, allowing me to spend more time with my family and less time on an airplane.

I will greatly miss the opportunities that the Center's work provides to explore the intersection of research, policy, and advocacy.  But with a talented and dedicated staff at the Center and NHC and the strong leadership of Chris Estes at NHC, I am confident that the transition will be a smooth one and the Center will continue to produce excellent, policy-relevant research.  

I have learned a tremendous amount from all of you during my tenure at the Center, and I hope you have found the Center's research to be useful in your work.  As you contemplate your work and advocacy in the years ahead, I would particularly urge you to focus on developing creative and cost-effective solutions to the housing challenges facing older adults; ensuring that families of all incomes can afford to live in high-demand areas near public transit stations and job centers; using long-term affordability (on both the ownership and rental sides) to increase the number of families that can be served at current funding levels; and linking housing policies effectively to other social goals, including health,educationeconomic development, transportation, and the environment.

I will start half-time at Abt on June 1, while continuing to manage the Center for a period of time while a replacement director is sought.  A position description will be circulated shortly.  We would appreciate your help in circulating the description widely to identify the best possible candidates.

Thank you all for contributing ideas and inspiration for our research!  I look forward to staying in touch with you in my new capacity.