Below you will find information on NHC’s educational and policy events, which are designed to help address specific policy challenges and identify related solutions. To see our upcoming events, visit our online calendar.

NHC Budget Forum

NHC’s Annual Budget Forum provides congressional staff and housing stakeholders with a look at the President’s fiscal year budget request for housing programs set in the context of the great housing need and the many people working to serve that need. The day features multiple presentations that incorporate discussions framed around housing needs at the federal, state and local levels. Learn more about the Annual Budget Forum here

NHC Policy Symposium

NHC's Annual Policy Symposium joins together policymakers, practitioners and housing stakeholders to learn and discuss what policy action is needed on the federal level to continue the advancement of affordable housing. The event includes a keynote address by a distinct figure in the federal housing policy community and two panel discussions. View a recording of the 2014 Annual Policy Symposium here

Solutions Conferences

Solutions is NHC's Annual National Conference on State and Local Housing Policy. Every year, hundreds of housing practitioners, advocates, policymakers, developers and experts join us for three days of events, which include: concurrent sessions on restoring neighborhoods, inclusive communities, housing intersections and housing communications, plus bonus session topics and roundtables; plenary speakers; mobile workshops; networking events, and much more. Each conference incorporates important housing aspects of the community where it is hosted to provide a range of solutions for solving housing challenges across the nation. Learn more about the Solutions Conference here

NHC Regional Convenings

NHC's Regional Convenings are designed to help address specific policy challenges, and to identify related solutions, in various policy areas and at the national, regional, state and local levels. Focused on a range of topics, these forums help policymakers, practitioners, local leaders and others implement strategies to address both current and long-term housing needs within their communities.