List of Groups

Task Forces and Working Groups

As the United Voice for Housing, NHC convenes and actively engages its members, stakeholders and others in order to improve coordination of diverse agendas and to build consensus on key housing issues.

NHC establishes issue-specific task forces and working groups that allow members to work together on solutions and they are often formed quickly in response to priority issues.

To participate in a task force or working group, please contact NHC Policy Associate Rebekah King at or at (202)466-2121 Ext. 248

Restoring Neighborhoods Force

NHC’s Restoring Neighborhoods Task Force lifts up research, policy changes, and best practices for comprehensive community development to help those neighborhoods still struggling to recover from the foreclosure crisis, the recession, and for some, many years of underinvestment and neglect.  Practitioners and policy organizations from Washington, D.C., and around the country explore connections between housing and other issues like transportation, health, education, race, and economic development, and seek solutions from a comprehensive community development perspective.  The Restoring Neighborhoods Task Force launched in 2015 with support from the J.P. Morgan Chase Foundation. 

Green Affordable Housing Coalition

A joint effort with the U.S. Green Building Council and Enterprise Community Partners, the Coalition is a national action network that fosters collaboration and advocates for the development and preservation of green affordable housing. It provides members with an opportunity to share best practices and the latest research, discuss potential policy solutions, coordinate outreach and advocacy efforts, and network with organizations with a shared mission. For more information, please visit the Coalition's website at

Housing Mortgage Working Group

This working group formed in response to the collapse of the housing finance market and conservatorship of government sponsored entities Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac in September 2008. NHC recognizes that the present time serves as an opportunity to rejuvenate the housing financial market to encourage sustainable homeownership practices as part of our mission to ensure decent, affordable homes for all.

This working group has created a set of Ten Key Principles for repairing the mortgage market and addressing foreclosures to help guide Congress and the Administration as they consider the future of the housing finance system and the federal government's role in that system.

Veterans Rental Housing Working Group

The National Housing Conference has convened a working group of housing and veteran service practitioners to identify policy actions aimed specifically at the rental housing needs of veterans. Because of ongoing policy changes, the demonstration of concrete progress in reducing veterans’ homelessness, and the need to further strengthen the programs and initiatives on the ground, the veterans rental housing working group is updating its previous recommendations which were released as part of our Veterans Permanent Supportive Housing: Policy and Practice.  More information on NHC’s work on Veterans Housing is also available here.

Connectivity Working Group

Broadband internet connectivity is a gateway to employment, education and opportunity for people in affordable housing, but far too many still lack access.  The NHC Connectivity Working Group brings together national advocates, developers, public housing authorities, lenders, investors, and others to help close the gap in broadband connectivity. The working group is developing best practices for implementing connectivity improvements in affordable housing and policy recommendations that could expand connectivity in low-income housing.  NeighborWorks America and the California Emerging Technologies Fund provide support for the working group and related forthcoming research.