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Housing Solutions
Housing for Older Adults

Publications in this section highlight tools and strategies for addressing housing affordability challenges in your community.  The Center’s housing solutions resources cover a broad range of topics – from state and local policies to preserve and expand the supply of affordable homes to efforts to meet the housing needs of older adults or families in areas vulnerable to natural disasters.

Oct 24, 2014

Bringing Health Care Home for Low-Income Older Adults

The Center for Housing Policy

A Profile of the Richmond Health and Wellness Program at Dominion Place in Richmond, Virginia

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Keywords: economic self-sufficiency, Economic Development, Supportive Services, housing intersections

Mar 27, 2014

Aging in Every Place: Supportive Service Programs for High and Low Density Communities

Janet Viveiros, Maya Brennan

As the Baby Boom generation ages, the number of older adults living in America will double by 2050, with nearly 19 million of those adults age 85 or older. Authors Maya Brennan and Janet Viveiros examine the success that home-and community-based supportive service programs have on older adult populations aged 65 or older to maintain their quality of life as they age in their homes, whether those homes are in cities, suburbs, or rural America. Home- and community-based supportive service programs offer many types of assistance, often including case management, medical services, social activities and personal care assistance, which address difficulty completing essential tasks like eating, bathing, dressing and walking. Some programs also include home safety evaluations, help with minor home repairs, and other services to increase the suitability of older adults’ homes.

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Keywords: Older Adults, community-based supportive services, aging in place, home-based supportive services, Supportive Housing, Supportive Services

Apr 5, 2012

Housing an Aging Population: Are We Prepared?

Barbara Lipman, Jeffrey Lubell, Emily Salomon

This report from the Center for Housing Policy explores the effects of the growing population of older adults on the demand for housing, the challenge of providing meaningful housing choices for older adults of all incomes, and the policies that could help communities across the country respond to the dual challenges of providing older adults with affordable housing and adequate services.

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Keywords: Older Adults, Elderly, Housing Affordability, Demographics, Population, Housing Choice, Supportive Housing, Disabilities, Residential Services

Nov 2, 2011

How Housing Matters: Meeting the Health Care Needs of Aging Residents of Affordable Multifamily Housing

Carolyn Reid

This case study, one of three prepared by the Center for Housing Policy presented at the National Building Museum's How Housing Matters Conference, describes a program that uses secure and affordable housing to improve health outcomes and health care access for older adults.

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Keywords: Aging, Health Care, Housing and Health, Housing Affordability, Housing for Older Adults

Jan 25, 2011

Connecting Residents of Subsidized Housing with Mainstream Supportive Services: Challenges and Recommendations

Rebecca Cohen

This report, prepared for the What Works Collaborative, outlines a series of non-statutory policy options that could be adopted by HUD to imporve access to mainstream supportive services by residents of subsidized housing. These policy options address shared challenges and constraints on the use of common space to deliver sevices to residents and members of the surrounding community, that affect family and senior properties across the country.

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