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Center Publications and Resources

The Center for Housing Policy’s publications cover a range of topics, programs and policies related to the broad goal of identifying and meeting the nation’s housing challenges.  

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Apr 1, 2007

Preservation of Affordable Homeownership: A Continuum of Strategies

Rick Jacobus, Jeffrey Lubell

This report provides an overview of the homeownership strategies available to communities and explains the pros and cons of different approaches.

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Mar 1, 2007

The Importance of Integrating Rigorous Research Objectives Into Any Reauthorization of the “Moving to Work” Demonstration

Jon Baron, Jeffrey Lubell

The Moving to Work (MTW) Demonstration was launched in 1996 to test different approaches for helping families with children make progress toward self-sufficiency and improving efficiency in the public housing and Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher programs. Should the demonstration be reauthorized, the paper stresses that it is imperative that it be designed and funded in such a way as to learn real, validated lessons about which approaches are most effective for helping families make progress toward self-sufficiency and achieving the other goals of the demonstration. To this end, the demonstration’s research objectives should be integrated into the core fabric of the demonstration and adequate funding should be provided to ensure that an evaluation can be conducted utilizing the highest professional standards.

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Jan 1, 2007

Increasing the Availability of Affordable Homes: A Handbook of High-Impact State and Local Solutions

Jeffrey Lubell

Prepared by the Center for Housing Policy for Homes for Working Families, this handbook identifies six broad strategies that state and local governments can adopt to preserve and increase the supply of homes affordable to working families, along with 22 specific policies to help implement these strategies. Brief case studies show how these solutions have worked in communities around the country.

View the detailed Analysis (115 pages, PDF) that provides an in-depth discussion of the 22 policies and why they were selected.
View the one-page Fact Sheet (PDF).

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Oct 1, 2006

A Heavy Load: The Combined Housing and Transportation Burdens of Working Families

Barbara J. Lipman

How do low- to moderate-income working families balance their housing costs with commuting and other transportation costs that are part of their daily routines? Our analysis of 28 major metropolitan areas shows that, as working families move further from work to find housing they can afford, they end up spending as much, or more, on increased transportation costs as they save on housing. Individual profiles for the 28 metropolitan areas included in the report are also available.

View basis reports:
Center for Neighborhood Technology
Institute for Transportation Studies, University of California, Berkeley

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Mar 1, 2006

Locked Out: Keys to Homeownership Elude Many Working Families with Children

Barbara J. Lipman

Did you know that despite national homeownership rates that are at or near all-time highs in recent years, the rate for working families with children was higher back in 1978 than in 2003?  This report details this disturbing trend and also tracks how the homeownership gap between white and minority working families with children has widened over the past 25 years.

View basis report:
Homeownership and Critical Housing Needs Among Working Families with Children: 1978-2003 Trends and Their Policy Implications, by Dr. Kathryn P. Nelson, Ph.D.

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