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The Center for Housing Policy’s publications cover a range of topics, programs and policies related to the broad goal of identifying and meeting the nation’s housing challenges.  

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May 15, 2013

Reviewing State Housing Policy with a Child-Centered Lens: Opportunities for Engagement and Intervention

Jeffrey Lubell

This analysis provides a broad overview of state housing policy with a particular focus on policies that help remediate child poverty, promote family and residential stability for children, and help families access communities of opportunity that offer good schools and other amenities that make them especially good places to raise children.

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Keywords: Residential Stability, Children, State and Local Housing Policy, Neighborhood Stabilization

May 8, 2013

Veterans Permanent Supportive Housing: Policy and Practice

Maya Brennan, Ethan Handelman, Sarah Jawaid

A guide to policy and practice for veterans permanent supportive housing, highlighting essential elements, funding programs, and examples of developments across the U.S.

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Keywords: Veterans, Supportive Housing, Supportive Services, Policy Guide

May 2, 2013

Housing Landscape 2013

Maya Brennan, Janet Viveiros

This annual report explores severe housing cost burden among working households in the U.S. Drawing on the latest U.S. Census American Communities Survey data from 2008-2011, report authors Janet Viveiros and Maya Brennan find that more than a quarter of all working households in the U.S. spend more than half of their income on housing, and that this figure rose in communities and state around the country over the study period. Working renter households bore the brunt of this trend, with incomes falling by more than 3 percent while their housing costs rose by nearly 6 percent.

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Keywords: Landscape, Housing Landscape, Housing Affordability, Rental, Renters, Homeownership, Housing Costs, Cost Burden, Working Households

Feb 21, 2013

Comparing the Costs of New Construction and Acquisition-Rehab In Affordable Multifamily Rental Housing

Maya Brennan, Amy Deora, Anker Heegaard, Albert Lee, Jeffrey Lubell, Charlie Wilkins

This research working paper uses the lifecycle cost methodology to compare the total cost of developing and maintaining multifamily affordable rental housing over a 50-year period using either acquisition-rehab or new construction. Our analysis of a convenience sample of more than 200 properties found that, all else equal, new construction added approximately $40,000 to $71,000 (25 to 45 percent) per-unit to the lifecycle costs.   

This paper is part of a suite of materials exploring lifecycle underwriting, including an online tool and two additional working papers.

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Keywords: Preservation, Lifecycle Underwriting, Multifamily Rental

Feb 21, 2013

Lifecycle Underwriting

Maya Brennan, Amy Deora, Ethan Handelman, Anker Heegaard, Albert Lee, Jeffrey Lubell, Charlie Wilkins

Lifecycle underwriting represents a new way of thinking about the costs of multifamily affordable housing. A policy working paper explores the policy and practical implications of lifecycle underwriting and opens up a debate about the trade-offs of financing properties for a 50-year viability period, rather than the more typical 15-year time frame.

The suite of materials also includes L-Cycle, a free tool that enables users to estimate whether a property is likely to have sufficient funds to meet expected capital needs over a full 50-year lifecycle. 

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Keywords: Lifecycle Underwriting, long-term affordability, Multifamily Rental