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The Center for Housing Policy’s publications cover a range of topics, programs and policies related to the broad goal of identifying and meeting the nation’s housing challenges.  

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Feb 14, 2013

After the Downturn: New Challenges and Opportunities for Inclusionary Housing

Robert Hickey

This paper examines how inclusionary housing policies fared during the nation’s historic housing downturn, as well as the major issues and opportunities that confront inclusionary housing today, as the housing market begins to recover.

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Keywords: Inclusionary Housing, Recovery, Inclusionary Zoning

Oct 18, 2012

Losing Ground: The Struggle of Moderate-Income Households to Afford the Rising Costs of Housing and Transportation

Robert Hickey, Jeffrey Lubell, Peter Haas, Stephanie Morse

In this report, the Center for Housing Policy and CNT have partnered to gauge the housing and transportation cost burdens of moderate-income households living in the 25 largest metro areas at the end of the decade. Newly available data give us an opportunity to assess the impact on combined costs of the rapid rise and fall of home prices during the 2000s, the recent rebound in rents, and the nation’s increased suburbanization over the past decade.

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Keywords: Transportation, Transit-Oriented Development, Cost Burden, Losing Ground, Center for Neighborhood Technology

Jul 16, 2012

Housing and Health: New Opportunities for Dialogue and Action

Jeffrey Lubell, Rebecca Morley, Marice Ashe, Jeff Levi

The National Center for Healthy Housing, the Center for Housing Policy, ChangeLab Solutions, and Trust for America’s Health released a new issue brief, “Housing and Health: New Opportunities for Dialogue and Action”, calling for greater collaboration between the public health and housing communities. The paper recommends a more coordinated and integrated approach among housing, environmental health, and public health agencies to help improve the health of children, older adults and other community members.

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Keywords: Healthy Housing, Environment, Public Health

Apr 5, 2012

Housing an Aging Population: Are We Prepared?

Barbara Lipman, Jeffrey Lubell, Emily Salomon

This report from the Center for Housing Policy explores the effects of the growing population of older adults on the demand for housing, the challenge of providing meaningful housing choices for older adults of all incomes, and the policies that could help communities across the country respond to the dual challenges of providing older adults with affordable housing and adequate services.

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Keywords: Older Adults, Elderly, Housing Affordability, Demographics, Population, Housing Choice, Supportive Housing, Disabilities, Residential Services

Feb 24, 2012

Housing Landscape 2012

Laura Williams

This annual report explores severe housing cost burden among working households in the U.S. Drawing on the latest U.S. Census American Communities Survey data from 2008-2010, report author Laura Williams finds that nearly one in four working households in the U.S. spends more than half of its income on housing, and that this figure rose over the study period. Despite falling home values, housing affordability worsened significantly both for working owners and renters between 2008 and 2010.

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Keywords: Landscape, Housing Landscape, Housing Affordability, Rental, Homeownership