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Regional Coordination in Atlanta Metro and in the Twin Cities: Understanding the Challenges and Opportunities of Coordinating Housing, Transportation and Workforce Policies

The Center for Housing Policy and the Metropolitan Planning Council convened listening sessions in Atlanta and the Twin Cities in 2009 to explore regional perspectives on the coordination of housing, transportation and workforce policies. This report draws and expands upon the information shared at these two sessions....

Housing and Services Needs of Our Changing Veteran Population: Serving Our Older Veterans, Female Veterans and Post-9/11 veterans

Understanding how the veteran population is changing—and will change in the future— is critical to developing policies and programs to meet their housing and service needs. Older veterans (age 55 and older), who currently make up the largest cohort of the US veteran population, increasingly will need housing and supportive services that can enable them to age in their homes or communities. Female veterans with children make up a growing share of the veteran population, but many housi...

Keywords: Veterans, Female veterans, Post-9/11 veterans, Older veterans, Affordable Housing, Supportive Housing, Housing and Economic Development